Yatsugatake highland Cheesecake factory

Cheesecake made from rich cream cheese, Yatsugatake fresh milk and fresh eggs is very popular. You can also visit the cheese factory in Camembert and Kacho Caballo. In addition, you can also eat Yamanashi specialty "Hoto" at the restaurant.
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open 7 days 9:00 :-17:30

Take the Kobuchizawa interchange and go for about 1 km to the Yatsugatake ・ Kiyosato area on the left. A lot of cheesecake flags are a landmark.

Ideal for snacks when going to the Fujimi plateau or Kiyosato area. Let's buy one. And please return to the souvenir as well.

Cheesecake made luxuriously with rich cheese made from milk of healthy dairy cattle who grew naturally with delicious water and air naturally rich in Yatsugatake Kogen highland farm was refreshing like a plateau at the moment when it entered the mouth, It tastes delicious like light snow.

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