Marui Ito Shinsyu Miso Factory Factory tour and shopping

Shinshu miso inspection factory. Even in the summer where wooden barrels larger than stature are lined up, visits into a cool natural warehouse are popular. There is a poor god shrine in warehouse and you can also Worship. There is a pillar festival tree dropping park in 3 minutes walking.
この施設はスマホ等の画面を提示しての割引は出来ま せん。現地近くの道の駅、観光案内所等で印刷された割引マップを入手するか、こちら より割引マップを紙に印刷してご利用ください。
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Open: 7 days a week 8: 30 - 17: 30 (12/31 - 1/3 is closed)

Marui Ito shop, which counts 100 years since its foundation, respecting traditional techniques of traditional miso, incorporating new technologies, and delivering the taste of his hometown repeatedly, Head office factory facing the Koshu Highway.

For old-fashioned natural warehouses, natural two-year miso, three years Miso is waiting for quiet aging in a wooden barrel larger than the height. In the pickles factory equipped with modern facilities in tradition, highland vegetables such as Nozawa Natsu, mountain burdock, celery, cucumber, eggplant, ginger, radish, carrot, soy sauce, ginger, kelp etc. are carefully pickled one by one We are waiting for thermal formation in the refrigerator.

I wonder if the most unique and innovative shrine in the world is this poor god shrine. The poor goddess who likes grilled miso finally arrived at our miso store. But this God, miso is not just a poor god! It is a god of positive thinking that turns evil into happiness.

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