The world of Kiyoshi Yamashita's Paper Impressions Discount copon

A permanent museum of Yamashita Kiyoshi, known for its naked general. "Fireworks at Lake Suwa" and sticky painting work, mainly painted pottery and stippled painting with pen etc. 160 points will be displayed. You can enjoy the world of Yamashita Kiyoshi 's stick books.
この画面を窓口でご提示してください。他の割引制度との併用は出来ません。Show this screen to tiket office and You can get discount. Can not be combined with other discount system.
Open 7 days a week 9: 30-18: 00 (October - March - 17: 00)
Adult: High school student and above 800yen → 700yen
Child: elementary school and junior high school student 400yen → 300yen
Yamashita Kiyoshi Postcard Present

The Wanderers Museum is an art museum exhibiting works of Kiyoshi Yamashita, a wandering genius painter. Works drawn in a thank to the person who took care of in the course of the wandering trip and works depicting the fireworks display of Lake Suwa etc are displayed and exhibited.

A work that is heavy and heartwarming but also has a heavy feeling will burn to the eyes.
Typical works are "Niagara Fireworks and Onlookers"

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