Utsukushi-gahara Open-air Museum

It is a unique and large scale outdoor sculpture art museum exhibiting about 350 contemporary sculptures at an altitude of 2000 m, against the backdrop of the nature of the Utsukushigahara Plateau.
この施設はスマホ等の画面を提示しての割引は出来ません。信州(長野)地区 の道の駅、観光案内所等で印刷された割引マップを入手するか、こ ちらより割引マップを紙に印刷してご利用ください。
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 11月〜4月は休館 詳しくは電話で確認してください。
 From November to April closed Please check with the telephone for details.

It is Japan's most beautiful plateau with 360 degree view and more than 200 types of alpine plants attractive such as the magnificent mountain range including the North Alps.

It is a unique and large scale outdoor sculpture museum which permanently exhibits the contemporary sculpture at the outdoor exhibition grounds full of greenery.

Outdoor Exhibition: Approximately 350 contemporary sculptures are permanently displayed on a large site spreading on the east side slope of Ushibozan at an altitude of about 2,000 meters. Around the outdoor exhibition area is a treasure trove of alpine plants, and about 200 types of alpine plants are in bloom in the entire Miehigahara Plateau.

Children's Art Museum: There are sculptures "Shabon jade no castle" and "mogura pipe" that children under the elementary school age can freely enter and play.

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