Natori Tamagoya-koubou / Egg cakes

I want you to taste the taste of eggs. Fresh eggs directly from the production area, cream puff, pudding, and omelet rice are popular. It is a shop that gives guests energy through eggs.
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Open 10: 00 - 17: 30 : Closed on Tuesday Closed on January 1

Shinshuro strawberry with fresh cream and baked on the day! I wound up with a sponge.

Egg of Tamagoya Studio is very fresh because it feeds the birth farm directly from the farm! ? Anyway I stuck with freshness.

Tamago plenty of cream puff
Baked crisp shoe shell.
We will pack the cream after receiving your order. It is our most popular item sold out every day. There is also Big size.

Oimonoomoi (Sweet potatoe cake)
Sweet potatoe (red east) and fermented butter are preeminent preeminent!!

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