SUWA GARASUNOSATO / Glass studio & Museum Discount coupon

Japan's largest glass museum.At the second floor museum, we are holding a contemporary glass artist exhibition. In the glass shop, we have approximately 20,000 products lineup. Various glass experiences can be done at the workshop. Why do not you make your original?
この画面を窓口でご提示してください。他の割引制度との併用は出来ません。Show this screen to tiket office and You can get discount. Can not be combined with other discount system.
Open 7days 9:00-18:00 (October - March -17:00)
Adult: High school student and above 500yen → 400yen
Younger than junior high school student Free
In the case of a special exhibition, 100 yen is deducted from the fee

SUWA GARASUNOSATO standing on the shores of Lake Suwa. It is an amusement stage with triangle roof as a theme glass themed theme. ? Various methods of enjoying from art appreciation, workshop experience, meal, shopping are possible. It is also possible to use the Lake Suwa circuit bus. Please use as a base for sightseeing in Suwa. Enter the entrance and entrance to the museum when you climb the marble staircase.

In the exhibition room, works of representative artists of glass art are exhibited, and at the exhibition we will develop multifaceted exhibition activities with the aim of hosting exhibitions covering crafts in general, such as ceramics, woodworking and lacquer art.

In the museum shop, we sell artworks, glassware made ornaments etc.

In the workshop experience you can produce various craft works.

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