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Mainly focused on Mr. Taiji Harada, a painter from Suwa city. He interviewed the whole country on the theme of beautiful Japan's hometown, and enjoy the work that drew lovingly every single stone wall, flower's blooming in the field.
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Open 9:00-17:00 Closed Monday (holiday opening).New Year's holidays and during exhibition change closed
From October 1st, the price has been revised, and adults have gone from 830 yen → 730 yen. There is no change for middle-aged, dwarfs, and disabled people.
Junior High and High School Student 410yen→300yen
Elementary school student 200yen→100yen
Persons with disabilities (bringing handicapped persons with disabilities) 410yen→300yen

Suwa City Taiji Harada Museum of Art was opened as a museum exhibiting works by Mr. Taiji Harada, a graphic designer from Suwa city, on the banks of Lake Suwa, which hopes for the peak of the North Alps in July 1998.

He interviewed all 47 prefectures nationwide on the theme of "Japan's hometown", and enjoy the work [world of Taiji Harada] drawn with infinite love expressing the lives of people living in a humble manner there . Please feel nostalgic home, beautiful Japanese heart, please spend a rich mind.

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