Nidec Sankyo Music box Museum SUWANONE

You can enjoy the structure and history of the world and Japanese music boxes, and the live stage of the world's first antique music box. Also, in a music box making experience it is possible to choose melodies from more than 650 songs.
Shops and cafes are entrance fee unnecessary.
This site cannot discount by showing the screen of your Cell-phone. You can get discount map at Major hotels or a roadside station or a tourist information in shinsyu(suwa,tateshina). Or you can print on your paper from this website.
Opening: 9: 00 ~ 17: 30 (December to February 〜 17: 00)
Open all year (but closed on 1st Wednesday and Thursday in February)

It is a new music box museum handled by Nidec Sankyo, a pioneer of music box. Enjoy the enjoyment of manufacturing, the charm of Suwa, the beautiful sound as much as possible.

You can experience assembly. If you choose from about 650 songs, one tone is completed in the world

In the exhibition room on the 1st floor we guide the structure of the music box and the history of the Japanese music box.
? On the second floor, you can enjoy rare antique music boxes and live performances.

At the concert hall, we perform live shows every day, with antique music boxes and screen images, and performers' multiplication. Please enjoy the music box entertainment unique to "Sawa no ne".
??? ※ The content of the program varies depending on the time.

There are over 300 rich assortment music box shops. We will deliver your favorite songs in your favorite case from about 650 songs.Shops and cafes are entrance fee unnecessary.

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