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Aiming at the imagination of 'Pain that touches child's heart', exhibited mainly Okaya native of Okaya Takei Takeo's children's painting, prints, and published works. We also hold original picture book illustrations both in Japan and abroad.
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Admission has been changed since October 1, 2019.
Adult 510yen→410yen Junior High and High School Student 310yen→210yen
Elementary school student 160yen→110yen Open 10:00-19:00 Closed on Wednesday and 12/29-1/3 and temporary closed by exhibition change

Iruf Children's Pavilion is the only art museum that can enjoy all of the Takei art such as the paintings of Takeo Takei from Okaya City, paintings, prints, published works, toys and so on. Takei was active in the era when numerous pictorial magazines for children from Taisho to Showa era, aiming at the creation of "painting touched by children's mind", created the term "child painting" in its unique style I led the children's picture world. The work Takei produced is colored by kindness and humor, and it still fascinates us. "Iruff" is the coined word of Takei and means "new" in the upside-down word of "old".

In Okaya city, you can see street lights, clocks, wall paintings, railings of bridges etc that incorporate Takei's work throughout.
If you are coming by car please use the adjacent municipal parking lot (5 hours free).

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