Tateshina Highland Cheese Cake factory

Handmade baked cheesecake with milk of Tateshina Kogen.
You can go home anywhere with peace of mind because it enters a cold insulation material.
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Open all year 9: 00 - 18: 00

Tateshina Kogen cheesecake workshop is down the Venus line from Tateshina, Lake Shirakaba area and is on the right side before entering Chino.

Surrounded by the mountains where you can enjoy the seasonal faces every day, we are making sweets every day while receiving the blessings of nature. The cheesecake made carefully using local milk carefully is a dish of commitment. In order to produce a smooth texture and a refreshing flavor of cheese, I made up the condition of article kneading, baking temperature, one by one with trial and error. Such a moist and delicious cheese cake fills not only the mouth but also the heart.

Please relish.
? It enters the box of Styrol, and keeps cooler so we can take it home safely.

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