Kita Yatsugatake Ropeway

You take a walk in the air for about 8 minutes to the summit of 2,237 m in altitude.You can enjoy a magnificent view of the three major Japanese Alps and a walk in Tsuboniwa.
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Operation : 8:45〜16:40 Non-stop in summer

The Kita Yatsugatake ropeway is a large ropeway with 100 people and you can enjoy the airborne strolls which take about 7 minutes from the mountain foot station with an altitude of 1771 m to the summit station at an altitude of 2237 m.

At the mountaintop station, the art "Tsuboniwa Garden" which nature created spreads, and in the walking path about 30 minutes in length, the high alpine plants as it is naturally bloom every season and attracts visitors.

By using ropeway, climbing around Kita Yatsugatake became easy, especially the "Kita Yokodake" climbing route from the ropeway summit station is very popular regardless of age.
For sightseeing ・ Please use for climbing and trekking.
You can also just use the ski season without skiing to see the snow scene.

Operation : 8:45〜16:40 Non-stop in summer.

● Operating hours are subject to change without notice.
● Round trip on the last flight can not be made, the departure of the last one will be the final round trip.
● When you miss the last operation, we will not take any responsibility to each loss etc. of the customer.
● The ropeway may change opening hours without notice due to the weather conditions of the day. When you go out please be sure to confirm the running situation of the day.

The map may be displayed by Pilatus Tateshina ropeway.

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