Kurumayama Lift

One of 100 famous mountains in Japan. The highest mountain Kurumayama of the Kirigamine mountain range. 15 minutes to the top of the mountain. Enjoy magnificent views and alpine plants.
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Operation: late April to early November

It is approximately 15 minutes by connecting two 4-seater lifts to the mountaintop of Mt. Kurumayama with an altitude of 1,925 m boasting one of the most prospective in Japan. You can enjoy the magnificent panorama overlooking Shirakabako Lake / Tateshinayama, where the uphill is enjoying the landscape of the plateau and descending. For those who want to walk a bit, we recommend going down the skyliner and walking from hillside to the top.

Renge azalea can be seen in the spring

You can see Nikko Kisuge in the summer

In the autumn we can see Matsumushiso

Operation: late April to early November. It can not be used in winter.

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