Yugawara Art Musum
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There is Yugawara Town Tourist Association at the entrance of Manyo Park, 400 meters from the museum.
町立湯河原美術館 割引クーポン
The municipality Yugawara Art Museum is located in the middle of the spa town of Yugawara, a small art museum built by refurbishing the red brick building once used to be an inn at Yugawara Onsen, where many artists and literatians visited for recreation.
町立湯河原美術館 割引クーポン モネの睡蓮
From the observation break room you can watch the Japanese garden where you can enjoy Monet's water lily and every season's flowers. The first floor is a free space and you can enter it freely. A museum shop and tea ceremony "Yamamomoan" are installed.
町立湯河原美術館 割引クーポン日本画の大家・竹内栖鳳や洋画の安井曾太郎
The collection houses about 200 works, mainly paintings familiar to "Yugawara", including Japanese painter's landowner, Takeuchi Suupori and Western painting Yotaro Yasui, which has studio at Yumigahara in the permanent building. About 20 points are regularly displayed in the permanent building.
町立湯河原美術館 日本画 平松礼二
In addition, at Hiramatsu Reijiya, we have 20 works by Japanese painter Hiramatsu Reiji on display at all times.


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