Ceramics experience Saizu no Kama
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Electric powered pottery pottery experience Southern kiln appearance

On the way to Nishiizu · Toei hot springs to Dogashima, there is a "Saizu no kama" that can experience electric wheel pottery experience.
It is 8 minutes by car from toi onsen, 2 minutes by car from Lovers Point.
There are not a variety of courses such as "Twist" and "Painting".
It is a specialized working experience studio of electric wheel pottery.

Electric powered pottery pottery experience There is a description of the kiln of Sasuzu

When you get to the seat, there are about 10 minutes explanation and a lesson, and then we will mold the vessel with production time of 40 minutes (with guidance during production)

Electric powered potter's pot ceramic experience Soya kiln Let's make anything

Only one pottery in the world is perfect for memories of Izu travel! Why do not you try experiencing pottery making, handmade, making memories.

Electric powered potter's pottery experience Southern Kiln Yunnan small bowl

Please challenge what you want.what you want to make, such as a tea cup,small bowl,
ashtray,flower vase,sake bottle,sake Cup,dish,etc. (Within hours, you can produce as many
pieces as unlimited clay)

Electric powered pottery pot ceramic experience Southern kiln Let's bake it when finished (extra charge)

Please choose according to your budget what you like, what you want from the formed work.
Any number of items.
Calcination costs and shipping fee will added

◆Works you made will be baked and delivered to your home in about two months.(Note: You can not take it home on the day.)

About 65 minutes from Syuzenji station by bus.

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