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Syuzenji NIji no sato (Rainbow Township)
Syuzenji NIji no sato (Rainbow Township) is the theme of nature and culture.
What you want to see is not only the seasonal nature and the flowers that are in full bloom.There are plenty of places of interest in the rainbow town village in each zone of the park.

Romney Railway
Romney Railway
   It is the only 15-inch gauge railway in Japan that is active as a transportation agency of the rainbow town. We have two steam locomotives handmade in the UK, two diesel locomotives, Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Japan's first 15-inch gauge locomotive C11, and so on. I will run around 1 km away from British village to Canada village in about 10 minutes. The scenery spreading in the car window is a natural scene every season. It is a dream railway that you can enjoy from adults to kids
Romney Railway
Railway Museum 15-inch Gauge Railway
Railway Museum 15-inch Gauge Railway Museum.
Introducing the 15-inch gauge railway, it is a highly learning museum which explained the history of UK railway and steam locomotive, operation principle and so on. Moreover, full interactive enjoyment such as HO gauge full diorama and video exhibition is enriched. In Japan, rare British railway antique goods etc are displayed, and it is a museum that more customers can enjoy from adults to children as well as SL fans.
Toy Museum
Toy Museum
A British village that imagined an old country town in the UK. The building of a high floor type built in the open space is a Toy Museum.

nostalgic toys
Going up the entrance stairs, there is a world of nostalgic toys. There are a lot of very valuable antique toys, such as cute teddy bears, tin toys to make the times, circadian dolls made in 1915 in France, and so on.
Kaleidoscope Museum
Kaleidoscope Museum
  A world that I do not know as I know, a kaleidoscope. In this museum, about 20 fantastic kaleidoscopes collected from the kaleidoscope author who is active in domestic and overseas are exhibited together. Anytime, anyone can freely see it. We will guide you to the world of dreams that will never be forgotten once you peek in.

Besides this, there are many other experience corner, flower garden, Canadian village, British village, Indian fort and so on.
About 20 minutes from Syuzenji station bus stop 3.
On the map Rides Along 's narrow-gauge railroad

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