Izu cruse shimoda bay and Cape Iro
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Around Shimoda harbor which was the stage of opening up Japan.

下田港めぐりの伊豆クルーズ かもめがやってきます。
It is a course that goes around Shimoda harbor, which has become the stage of opening up Japan, at the end of the Edo period, around the port of Shimoda Harbor where the opening port is in history, on a boat boat "Black Ship". Please enjoy the distant view of the southern Izu beach, street of the coastal area, mountain / Mountain / Perry fleet anchorage.

Around the southernmost point of Izu Peninsula Cape Iroidsaki

It is a view of the cape which enjoys the scenery of dynamic scenic spots "Iro Azaki" from the sea. The striking cliff, the white lighthouse, the Oku Isolozaki, the "Hizoli Coast" where the ocean floor can be seen, the azure sea is very impressive.

Sightseeing in Shimoda Port


Irozaki Cape Tour


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