7 Kayama Yuzo Museum
Kayama Yuzo Museum
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Nishi Izu, Dogashima blessed with abundant nature
Kayama Yuzo loves this place. Space to show such world as much as possible "Kayama Yuzo Museum"
Exhibit treasured film and movie set reproduction musical score, instrument, private shot and many other valuable materials centering on paintings. You can enjoy all of Kayama Yuzo.


加山雄三ミュージアム割引クーポン ミュージアムショップ

A large shopping zone boasting the largest scale of Izu.
Various products such as special products of Nishi Izu, various goods, clothing such as miscellaneous goods, T-shirts and the like are narrowing and narrowing, and it is a space that guests who visited, from children to adults, enjoy it.
The inside of the shop is divided into each corner, and there are various items such as marine products, pickles, sweets, local sake goods, miscellaneous goods, character goods, seasonal clothes. We have 3000 to 4000 items at all times.
For each corner, we deal mainly with Izu limited items, Recommendation is Izu's local wine, wine.

加山雄三ミュージアム割引クーポン シーサイドレストラン
A seaside restaurant with delicious soup of mountain sea unique to Izu. The meal if you are looking at the sea of Dogago Island is exceptional. We also recommend menus produced by Yuzo Kayama.

加山雄三ミュージアム割引クーポン すきやき きみといつまでも
Wakadaishiki Sukiyaki-don (1,350 yen) is a menu named after "Sukiyaki" which became the stage of the young generals series.
Kayama Chef Simmered in a recommended seasoning, put on the egg yolk before ingestion, "Yolks and forever" finished!

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