Shimoda Floating Aquarium
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Floating in a natural cove, the Aqua Dome Perry is a ship with a total displacement of 1,300 tons. There is a large aquarium with a water volume of 600 cubic meters, and 10,000 creatures of 50 species such as fish, invertebrates, and seaweed live under the theme of reproducing the sea of Izu.

You can feed the harbor seals that are active in the seal show "Smile Ship"! ...

You can only experience it at the Shimoda Underwater Aquarium! Amazing sheet where dolphins jump over overhead is very popular! ... the energetic bottlenose dolphins living in a natural cove will show off their pride. ...

You can watch a feeding show by divers in the huge aquarium of Aqua Dome Perry. Living in a large aquarium that imitates the sea near Izu ...


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