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下田開国博物館割引クーポン 外観
The Shimoda Opun Newspaper Museum is located 200 meters west of Ryozenji, with free parking.
下田開国博物館割引クーポン ペリー提督
With abundant relics and historical materials, we are clarifying the purpose of the Perry arrival, the black ship, the role of Shimoda at the opening port area.

下田開国博物館 ロシアからの黒船
It was not surprisingly known that "Exchange between Japan and Russia began from Shimoda".
  We have revealed the history of Russian-Japan exchange with many other relics and materials unparalleled.

下田開国博物館 初代総領事ハリス
In relics and materials, we have brought the Japan-US Cooperation Agreement on trade and commerce, and guide the role of Harris who led to opening the country and the life of the consulate.

下田開国博物館割引クーポン おみやげ地酒の豆州庵
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下田開国博物館割引クーポン 銘菓黒船来航
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