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Izunokuni Panoramapark Fuji is superb

We connect the mountain top of Mount Katsuragi of 452 m in altitude with the total length of 1,800 m at the foot of the mountain by a ropeway. The time required for one way is about 7 minutes.
From the summit park, the scenery of 360 degrees big panorama spreads like Mt. Fuji, Suruga Bay, Hakone and Amagi mountains.

There are several POKESTOPS and a GYM on the summit.
Izunokuni Panoramapark

Mt. Fuji from the summit.

Foot baths overlooking Mt. Fuji

Foot baths overlooking Mt. Fuji and Suruga Bay are extremely popular, both mind and body healed.

Holy Land of Lovers

At the 18th "Holy Land of Lovers" selection committee, the mountain top "Aerial Park" was selected and set up on the hill observatory of the twitter.

The hill of Chiryu is an observatory which can see the direction of Amagi and Shuzenji. There is a pockestop..

Bouldering popular among children.

Katsuragi Shrine <Power spot>

Katsuragi Shrine <Power spot>
A shrine boasting a history since the Heian period. It is the origin of the name of the mountain. If you visit it, it is perfect! What?
There is also a gym of Pokemon GO nearby.

Hundred Jizo-son<Power Spot>
From the Kamakura period.Jizo-son who is settled in this place. A memorial festival will be held every mid September. There is also a gym of Pokemon GO nearby.

Walking tour of the summit ยท Spring and fall of Boardwalk

Bronze statue of Miatomo Yoritomo.
It was made after the legend that hawk hunting was done at Mt.Katsuragiyama.

A lineup of Izu's confectionery and popular souvenirs, Panorama Park's original Baumkuchen. The interior is a nostalgic atmosphere, a pastry confectionery corner feels nostalgic, and a panel introducing history etc. are exhibited and it is a space that you can enjoy while you are shopping.

10 minutes by bus from Izu-Nagaoka station.
The foot station of Izuno-kuni panorama park On the map "Katsuragiyama ropeway.".

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