Izu Chohachi Art Museum
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Exterior view of Izu chohachi Museum

A masterpiece from Matsuzaki, an art museum exhibiting works of Irie Chohachi who was active in the Edo period and was said to be Chohaci of Izu.
Stucco iron painting, which is required for advanced plastering skills and paintings, is highly valued in the art world as an excellent mural painting technology as well as Western fresco.
In addition, the museum is attracting attention as a world-class building as "a building that blends Edo with the 21st century."

Izu Chohachi Museum inside

Chohachi established the plastering iron painting with the techniques of the Kano school on the technique of the plaster.
Ironworks that make a base in a special way, freely using color, and thin walled sculpture are used in combination. In this way, I gathered valuable Chohachi's representative works in two exhibition halls.

@ Izu Chichihachi Museum of Art Fugaku
Fugaku Irie Chohachi's Representative works

Note:Shikkui (plaster): In addition to being able to give waterproofness as it is against wind and rain As it is nonflammable material, it has long been used as an external protective material, castle and shrines, trading houses, private houses, Building material that has been used as a top coat material for the inner and outer walls made. The so-called sea cucumber wall is one of them.
Kote (iron): A tool used by the plaster to paint the wall is a trowel.
Kote painting: Using a variety of small and large irons, colors are extracted with plaster with various pigments mixed, a skilfully made work is a trowel. (See Wikipedia)
About 50 minutes from Izukyu Shimoda Station by bus.
About 105 minutes from Izu nagaoka Station by bus.

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