Kawazu Bagatelle Park
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Kawazu Bagatelle Park Mascot character 'Gutter kun'

"Gutter kun" will introduce "Kawazu Bagatelle Park" and "Kawazu town" to the whole country and the world in various scenes from now as the PR ambassador of Kawazu Bagatelle Park and Kawazu town.

French square
A central square in the park where many buildings of "Perfume Studio" "Gardening Shop" "Food Shop" "Craft Shop" "Cafe" "Restaurant · Bagatelle" "Wine Cave" are arranged. It is an open space just past the gate pavilion.

Rose Garden
It is a rose garden that faithfully reproduced the rose garden of Paris · Bagatelle Park. About 1,000 species of roses have been planted, of which more than 20,000 varieties are very valuable. It is something you can enjoy enough not only for general people, but also for roses enthusiasts.

The building symbolizing Paris · Bagatelle Park (Orangery) was reproduced. It is a multipurpose facility where various events and receptions are held. Also, in front of the Orangery, there is a French garden with a fountain and you can enjoy the flowers of every season.

I reproduced the kiosk in the rose garden of Paris · Bagatelle Park. From the kiosk you can overlook the rose garden and enjoy the beauty of an orderly geometric pattern in the French gardens.


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