Stop by hot spring Yunokuni Kaikan
The murmuring of the clear stream of the Kano River, an open-air bath that transfers the colors of the four seasons.
Closed on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays
Bathing fee Adults 880 yen 780 yen, Children 440 yen, Face towel (rental) 160 yen, Bath towel (rental) 200 yen
This onsen cannot discount by showing the screen of your Cell-phone.
You can get discount map at a roadside station or a tourist information center in Hakone or Izu. Or you can print on your paper from this website.

In the large public bath and open-air bath, it uses sodium sulfate hot spring which contains a lot of sulfate ion and metasilicate acid, it is popular as a skin tone of slightly squeaky skin,

Another source of alkaline simple hot springs is used for cold springs and open-air baths in the large public bath, as a bath after the sauna, as well as 14 kinds of medicinal herbs are blended as a medicine I will

An open-air bath that you can enjoy the chemical while enjoying the nature, looking at the Kano River.

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