Nosaka Automata museum
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Nosaka Automata museum
Automata is a "mechanically trained art piece" created by "clock technicians" who were scientists and the best engineers in Europe in the 18th - 19th century.
Automata is a moving art piece powered by a power spring. Machine-mechanized living organism playing a music box shows various expressions in its delicate movements.

Nosaka Automata museumA clown man steering a chairét
"A clown man steering a chair"
Bertrand (1985).

Nosaka Automata museum Ladder ride
"Ladder ride"
Boaret (reproduced in 1996)

Nosaka Automata museum Made du Cagnes
"Made du Cagnes"
Author, production year unknown
Nosaka Automata museum Aunt Jessica Tea Time
"Aunt Jessica Tea Time"
JAF Corporation (circa 1900)
From Izu-kogen station
About 15-20 minutes On Foot along Sakuranamiki street.
About 5 minutes By Bus,get off at Kougen-chuou.

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