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Suspicious boys and girls museum
"The ayasii museum" (Suspicious boys and girls museum) opened on Izukogen in September 13, 2003.

The theme of the exhibition is "Retro in a mysteriously wonderful place ...", a museum that everyone can enjoy from the elderly to families and young people.
The Ayashii (suspicious indecent) museum From the Meiji to the Taisho, The Ayashii (suspicious indecent) museum  the Showa era until the 1980s,

From the Meiji to the Taisho, the Showa era until the 1980s, about Japanese fashion and customs
The Ayashii (suspicious indecent) museum Marilyn Monroe The Ayashii (suspicious indecent) museum Figures
The Ayashii (suspicious indecent) museum AIBO怪しい少年少女博物館

Illustration of Real Illustrator Sorayama hajime, figure · Japanese doll · fighter · Yokai figure · Candy Toys · local toy. The No. 1 machine of SONY "AIBO" of the highest pet robot. About 100 bodies of devil man and real figure. A nostalgic ghost etc.
The Ayashii (suspicious indecent) museum skeleton怪しい少年少女博物館 標本

A neck, a skeleton, a vampire, a malformation or a medical specimen of a bottling. <BR>
Please close your eyes and pass through those who are small and mindful and children and those with weak heart.
The Ayashii (suspicious indecent) museum primary school

▼ Primary school at an unpleasant night ▼
The theme is "to explore an eerie evening elementary school", but it is funny to say which is a complex situation in the elementary school.
10 minutes on foot from "
Jogasaki kaigan Station".

Take the bus from Izukogen station to the Shaboten-koen (via GGranpalPark) get off at "Ike iriguchi", it is in front of the museum.
On the map Ayashii Syonen SyojoHakubutsukan

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