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Antique jewelry museum
Works made by craftsmen in detail have the charm of impressing what they see.
Please see delicate graceful wonderful works and spend an elegant moment.
Partial introduction of exhibits
Antique jewelry museum Tiara in the late 19th century
Tiara in the late 19th century
620 Old European cut diamonds and natural pearls are used.
It seems to be from a design that imagines a crown of a considerable status.

Antique jewelry museum Very valuable work produced by Tiffany in the USA around 1870
Very valuable work produced by Tiffany in the USA around 1870.
Small pictures in the inside are baked many times over the gold and burned glass material like a shippo, making it beautifully.

Antique jewelry museum Necklace Earring · Brooches Set
Necklace · Earring · Brooches Set
Using the technique of Cantillou (line-shaped work), superb craftwork with extreme delicacy is given.
Antique jewelry museum Dress Photo Room
Dress Photo Room
For women and men, children can wear photographs by wearing antique style dresses.
Why do not you leave important people and an elegant temporary in the photograph in the wonderful memories of the journey?
Get off at Izukogen station and
walk 18 minutes or 710 yen by taxi.

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