Izu Shaboten Zoo Discount Coupon Ticket
izu-hakone orange discount coupons and map
Please show this page to the cashier. You will get lunch at a discount. This coupon cannot be combaind with any other promotion or special service.
Izu Shaboten Zoo Capybara In the plaza of rainbow

Capybara In the plaza of rainbow, he or she closely interacts with the healing capybara family and feeds and closely approaches. Everyone is crazy about that loveliness.
Izu Shaboten Zoo Animal Boat Tours

Animal Boat Tours is a popular attraction that tours the pond in the center of the park while guiding animals. You can enjoy the exploration feeling while enjoying the observation and the scenery of the animals.
Izu Shaboten Zoo Squirrel monkey

"Squirrel monkey" can feed a free squirrel monkey. In addition to this, we can feed and have fun with many animals in the park.
Izu Shaboten Zoo the fun show of cute animals.

Annual learning presentation which announces the result that the animals studied daily! Enjoy the fun show of cute animals.
Izu Shaboten Zoo about 1500 kinds of cactus

There are about 1500 kinds of cactus and succulent plants around the world in five pyramid type greenhouses. In cactus hunting studio you can choose your favorite cactus and make original potted plant.
About 35 minutes from JR Ito station by tokai bus.
About 20 minutes from Izukogen station by tokai bus.

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