New york Lamp Museum and Flower Garden
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Izu Shikinohana Park spend a relaxing time

The flower park of Izu Shikibohana park in the center of the jogasaki coast. Please spend a relaxing time surrounded by the seasonal flowers while feeling the sound of the waves and refreshing wind.
Izu Shikinohana Park Japanese hydrangea

About 3000 shares were collected from the whole country, mainly of Japanese hydrangea hydrangea. A typical "Jokesaki" is an double-flowered seed of Hakuji hydrangea growing naturally on the Shirokesaki coast..
Izu Shikinohana Park Rice blossoms

Rice blossoms will be in full bloom as soon as the end of the year, planting early flowering seeds for ornamental purposes. This cape, which overlooks Oshima in the distance, is popular as a sunrise spot, and it is crowded with many customers.

Izu Shikinohana Park cherry blossoms

It is estimated that the cherry blossoms in our garden are not common snowy cherries, but hybrids of cherry blossoms and mountain cherries. Flowering faster than Kawazu cherry blossoms, many mezzo come and feel the warmth of spring even in cold winter.
Izu Shikinohana Park Ocean pool

For the summer only "Ocean pool near Japan's first sea," the sea spreads in front of you. Children can enjoy events during the period such as "Chibikko Asahi's picking" and "Underwater treasure hunt".
About 20 minutes from Izukogen station by tokai bus.or About 7 minutes from Izukogen station by taxi.
Izu Kaiyopark on the map

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