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Wild cat Diorama

You can also have valuable wild cat exhibits and cats and contact experiences.
Only in the world! A cat museum.
Wild cat

Wild cat
28 species of 38 wild cats in the world, from huge tigers to the smallest cloisonneko, exhibited by diorama by habitat area.

Extinct cats

Extinct cats
Exhibit of direct ancestors of cats "Extinct cats" specimen.
There were cats of various forms living in things such as far bigger than cats now, those with long and sharp fangs.
Cat Museum Italian, Uruguay, Thai, Egypt etc, colorful exotic cat works.

Italian, Uruguay, Thai, Egypt etc, colorful exotic cat works.
Touching corner

Touching corner
It was a strange thing.
It is the charm of a cat to live freely without hesitation.
Those who want to play with the cats exactly are here!
In contact plaza, you can experience cats directly and experience.

Museum Shop

Museum Shop
At the museum shop, we sell this character goods such as cat's museum's original goods, folk crafts such as lucky cats, and more cute.
Take the bus at Izukogen station to the Shaboten-koen (via sakuranamiki) or Ippekiko (via sakuranamiki) and get off at "Omuro no kogen 7-chome" bus stop. And 3 minutes on foot.
You have to confirm that your bus is via Sakuranamiki.(sakuranamiki means cherry blossom trees street)
About 2 bus service every 1 hour

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