Ivory Carving Art Museum jewelpia
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25 years since opening in Toi. Extension and renovation was done twice, and the exhibition work was further enriched. It moved to Futo Ito-city on September 1, Heisei 20 (2014). Complete barrier-free, with the addition of a production experience corner, we have been devised to make customers more pleased.
Ivory carving

Ivory is developed by elephant's incisors, it has been used as a material of crafts since ancient times because its material is beautiful, dense and easy to process.
Tenno war.

The stage is the Three Kingdoms. A scene that runs the attacking Cao Army and rescues the principal's "Ao", the monarch's prince. The form of Zhuyun 's demon that runs, and expression of warlords of Cao Army are impending.

Celestial sphere
  I am amazed just by the work of more than 50 layers, only the size of the sphere. When you look deeper into it, a watermark pattern is applied tightly to the back.

Jade sculpture
  The weight is 1,800 kg, it is a green and white layer, the output of such a large Henan ball calculated as one original stone is rare, and it is said that now there are only several gemstones of 1 ton or more, It is one of them.

Production experience
  You can also experience the production experience of natural stone bracelet, jewel candle, san catcher, sweets deco etc

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