Kawana Staindglass Museum Discount Coupon
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The price has changed since October 1st.
Adult: 1,200 yen → 1,100 yen
Middle and high school students: 800 yen
Child: 500 yen
Silver ... 1,000 yen
Please show this page to the ticket office. This coupon cannot be combaind with any other promotion or special service.
Izukogen Staindglass Museum 外観

Traditional 1800's centered stained glasses that are handed down from the UK are located everywhere.
The fantastic hall, full of stained glass and lamp lights, is a healing space full of antique music boxes, antique organ tones, aroma fragrance.
Please enjoy yourself at the sofa which is set in the hall and enjoy it slowly.
stained glasses
Izukogen Staindglass Museum stained glasses

Jesus watching over those who can sleep
Stained glass lamp
Izukogen Staindglass Museum lamps

Many lamps of Richard Lee are exhibited.
His lamp that invites you to a fantastic world can be seen everywhere in the hall.
Izukogen Staindglass Museum restaurant

A restaurant which the chef produces Ishizaki Yukio with the title Italian Maestro.

In 2007 it is awarded "Stella Della List Razzione" awarded to a restaurant recognized as a genuine Italian restaurant from the home of Italy.

Please enjoy the fine Italian cuisine, using fresh vegetables purchased directly from local contract farmers and rich seafood fished from Izu.
Introduction of museum
Izukogen Staindglass Museum stained glass

In addition to colorful stained glass lamps, we also offer items recommended for souvenirs such as san catcher and card holder.
  Also, there are accessories and cute miscellaneous goods, and even just watching it makes you enjoy your time and forgetting the time.
You can hear the performance of the pipe organ every day at the Saint Michel Church in the facility.
Izukogen Staindglass Museum organ
Playing time
Every hour
Performance of antique music box 100 years ago
Every hour
Various concerts are held on weekends.
Please inquire about the content of the cast.
20 minutes by bus from JR Ito Station..5 minutes by bus from Kawana station.
Depending on the map, it may be displayed as Izukogen Michelle Garden Court.

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