Cui Ru Zhuo Art Museum
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Cui Ru Zhuo Art Museum

Mr. Cui Ru Zhuo is one of the most prominent in China, one of the most popular contemporary Chinese ink painters, both popular and proficient.

He draws Chinese magnificent nature and flora and fauna dynamically and precisely.
It attracts charm and draws the viewer strongly into the scene.

In the hall

さいじょたく崔如琢美術館割引クーポン券飛雪降る春 飛雪伴春 壬辰之秋 2012
Flying Snowing Spring
Flying Snow Bond Spring
             In 2012

さいじょたく崔如琢美術館 江南の雨と桃花 杏花春雨江南 壬辰 2012
Rain and peach flowers in Gangnam
Anno Harunaga Gangnam
             In 2012

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