Komuroyama Lift
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Komuro-yama is a volcano belonging to the same Izu-east volcano group as Omuro-yama, a scoria hill formed by accumulating lava splash (scoria) around the crater by the eruption about 15,000 years ago. It is a volcano that leaked a large amount of lava (530 million tons) which can not be imagined from the smallness of the mountain body, and formed a thick lava plateau on all sides. Currently used Kawana Golf Course and Kawana Harbor Creek are made by the outflow of this lava. From the description of the Izu Peninsula Geopark
Izu Eastern volcano group Understanding the history of the 40 thousand year stratum specimen

From the Komuroyama summit you can observe the composition of the volcanic group of Izu eastern eastern while actually seeing the location of each volcano on the specimen display and the surrounding topography created by these volcanoes.
Wood deck, promenade
小室山観光リフト 展望デッキ

A wood deck and a promenade were completed on the summit of Komuroyama.
Please enjoy the view from the wood deck.
The lift stop will be Komuroyama Rest House. When the parking lot is off, you can get near the rest house, but please follow the instruction of the staff when crowded.

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