Jukkokutoge Cable Car
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You can get discount map at a roadside station or a tourist information center in Hakone or Izu. Or you can print on your paper from this website.
You can get it at Hakone Pass on the Road Station, Hakone Turnpike Daikanzan View Lounge, Izu Skyline Skyport Kameishi etc.

The name of Jukkokutoge Pass was the old country name, and ten countries of "Izu" "Suruga" "Totomi" "Kai" "Shinano" "Sagami" "Musashi" "Kazusa" "Shimosa" "Awa" It is derived from it.

Currently Shizuoka prefecture · Yamanashi prefecture · Nagano prefecture · Kanagawa prefecture · Tokyo metropolitan area · Chiba prefecture becomes. From the summit of Jukokutoge Pass on a sunny day, you can see Mt. Fuji, Southern Alps, Suruga Bay and Shonan Coast and Miura Peninsula as well. Please use the jukkokutoge Cable Car to the top of the Jukkookutoge Pass where you have a good view.

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