Cycle Sports Center
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Japan's largest wooden jungle gym "Jungle Gym FUJISAN"

Let's challenge the shape of Mt. Fuji, the cypress of Mt. Fuji, the smell of Mt. Fuji, the view of Mt. Fuji, and the jungle gym that is particular about Mt. Fuji in Japan!

Funny bike

There are many unusual bicycles that you can't find on ordinary roads, such as bicycles without pedal chains and four-wheeled bicycles. All bicycles have tips for driving straight ... Let's try it!

5km circuit A full-scale road course that appears in the popular bicycle mang !

It is a full-scale road course with a total length of 5,150 m and a height difference of about 100 m, and various bicycle competitions and test drive events for motorcycles and automobiles are also held. Care has been taken not to spoil the landscape as much as possible, and the electric wires are buried in the ground and trees are planted instead of guardrails, so you can fully enjoy your bicycle in the natural environment. In addition, the maximum gradient of the steepest "heart-breaking slope" in this course is 12%, which tests the leg strength of the cyclist. However, be careful of heat stroke during the summer! !!

MTB exclusive course where you can enjoy nature!

It is an off-road course with a total length of 2,500 m, a height difference of 85 m, and can be used by beginners to advanced users, and the areas are divided. 20-inch to 26-inch bicycles are available for rent. You can bring your own bicycle, so please come by all means.

Family circuit.
Feel free to enjoy cycling with your family or couple!

It is a gentle 2km cycling course where you can relax and enjoy cycling in nature. Various types of bicycle rental, such as a tandem car that can seat two people and a bicycle with a basket that can carry two infants, can be changed as many times as you like in time.

Putter golf

It is a full-scale course using a total length of 363 yards, 18 holes, and all-natural turf. There is also a putter exclusively for children, so even families can enjoy it!

Besides this, fluffy domes, sky rollers, athletic mazes, cycle UFOs, water bikes, cycle golands, etc. You can't play all of them.

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