Seaside Spa Discount coupon
at Ito Marine Town
izu-hakone orange discount coupons and map
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Ito Marine Town Seaside Spa Discount couponat
"Seaside Spa" is a natural hot spring where you can see the sea.
  Please drop in for a visit to Izu's journey.
From the source of the seaside, abundant hot springs springing from 1,000 m underground.
From the steamy public baths and open-air baths overlooking the ocean, there is a dry sauna on the aroma bath.
  Jacuzzi available for private use Reservation required 0557-38-1811
Ito Marine Town Seaside Spa Discount couponat
Road station Ito Marine Town.
Route 135 running on the Izu east coast, when coming from Atami it will be the entrance of Ito. We are waiting for you with a big parking lot and beautiful toilet.
Ito Marine Town
A souvenir of Izu is complete, limited gourmet, sweets, goods are also paying attention.
About 5 minutes from Ito station by bus
Adult 170 Yen Child 90 Yen

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