Izu Glass Art Trial Class
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Izu Glass Art trial Class fusing
Craft classes that anyone can easily experience.
Would you like to make only one nice thing in the world with glass?
Choose from fusing (2 courses) or sand blasting (1 course) and enjoy with a spacious workshop surrounded by nature.

伊豆ガラスアート体験教室割引クーポン フュージングブルズアイガラス
Izu Glass Art trial Class  fusing
It is a method to bond colorful glass with high heat, you can cut German made glass or arrange Italian Venetian glass to make original wall hangings, pendants, straps, pierced earrings etc.

Sand blasting
sand blasting
You can also change the depth of sculpture, fine curves, blur, etc. by adjusting the pressure with the technique of spraying sand on the glass surface such as a glass and carving the pattern and the picture using the pressure of the air. In this classroom, try trying to cut simple patterns etc.

Shirata main classroom
2km from Kataseshirata Station
I would recommend a taxi.
Ito classroom
Kameya Building 2F
In front of the Ito station
Atami classroom
Kadoya Building 3F
In front of the Atami station

Hakone classroom
3rd floor of the Royal resort building.
In front of Hakone yumoto Station

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