Odawara Suzuhiro Kamaboko
Enoura shop

Kamaboko goods gifts for purchases of 1000 yen or more.
This site cannot discount by showing the screen of your Cell-phone.
You can get discount map at a roadside station or a tourist information center in Hakone or Izu. Or you can print on your paper from this website.
You can get it at Hakone Pass on the Road Station, Hakone Turnpike Daikanzan View Lounge, or Major hotels.

On the way back from Izu to Tokyo, ahead of Yugawara, there is a new big drive-in on the left.。

The tasting has been canceled due to Covid-19.
Pre-kama Would you like to leave a memorial for your trip with a kamaboko? It is a gifted kamaboko that draws and conveys your pictures and letters.
Kijo Red and white Kinjo Kamaboko: Ideal for a quick souvenir for tonight's evening drink. Suzuhiro is the most popular product.
 Sea Frank Sea flank that utilizes the taste of carefully selected seafood ingredients as it is. You can enjoy a crisp and juicy taste.

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