Odawara Suzuhiro Enoura Shop
十国峠ケーブルカー 富士山の絶景ポイント
This site cannot discount by showing the screen of your Cell-phone.
You can get discount map at a roadside station or a tourist information center in Hakone or Izu. Or you can print on your paper from this website.
It is distributed at the major hotel and inns in addition to the tourist information center at Atami Station or Atami coast.

A large drive-in newly built on the left side of Odawara from Izu towards Tokyo.

There are many tastings, so please check carefully before purchasing.
Puri Kama
Do you not leave a memorial of the trip with a kamaboko? This is a kamaboko to give as you draw and convey your pictures and letters.
Red and white
Boiled Kamaboko, a perfect souvenir for a drink tonight. This is the most popular item by Suzuhiro.
Sea Frank
Sea flakes that make the most of the taste of carefully selected seafood ingredients. You can enjoy a crisp and juicy taste.

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