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Tour of the Animal Zone

Feed the giraffe
Feed the giraffe
Including large herbivorous animals such as giraffe, rhinoceros, and zebra, Mufflon, Elland, blackbacks, etc. are released freely. I am surprised at the feeling that he is walking in the savanna with his own feet.

Feed the lion
Feed the lion

And at the center of the walking safari, there is an exhibition hall of the beast, here the very unusual "white tiger", the carnivore such as lion, cheetah are walking and acting freely at the place where one glass is separated. You can experience the emotions and surprises in the original strength of wild animals.
Feed the tiger
Feed the tiger

Touch to rhino
Touch to rhino

Dinosaur zone


There are also dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus, Spinozaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops (model)

Play Zone


Let's enjoy it in an amusement park where adults can go home and play with their children. Here, "Ferris wheel" which brings you to a height of 420 M above sea level is extremely popular. The best place to see the Izu 7 Islands is a spot where you can enjoy memorable time with only two people if your lovers are together.

Two restaurants

White Tiger and Lion

In the park, you can enjoy your meal in two restaurants with different tastes. "Animal Kingdom" in the walking safari zone is a rare restaurant in the country where you can eat while watching the beasts such as White Tiger and Lion. Here, you can experience surprises and excitement even for meal time.


zu Animal Kingdom original sweets, White Tiger's stuffed

Here, please buy it in commemoration of your visit to Izu Animal Kingdom, such as Izu Animal Kingdom original sweets, White Tiger's stuffed animals and Izu limited goods, and also in commemoration of your trip.

About 10 minutes by bus to "Izu Animal Kingdom" from Inatori station.
Approximately every one hour

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