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Okada Art Museum is an Oriental art museum opened in 2013 in Hakone, Kowakudani. Art from ancient times to modern centered around Japan, China, Korea. There are many masterpieces as well.

The large mural of the wind god and thunder god at the entrance, "Kaze Toki" and "Contemporary Japanese painter Kotaro Fukui, took five years to paint.

The center of the collection is the work from the Momoyama / Edo era to the present age. From Tawaraya Souta, Korin Ogata to Hoichi Sakai, to Sekka Kamisaka . Kitagawa Utamaro Katsushika Hokusai. Hishida Syunso and Yokoyama Taikan, Hayami Mifune, Uemura Shoen, Kobayashi Kokei Diameter, Higashiyama Kaiya's works, and many other kinds of works.

Exhibition room (Click for large view)

A vast exhibition room with an area of about 5,000 m2 exhibits collections of variety, rich collections of Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Paintings such as Kitakawa Utamaro's "Snow in Shenzhen"(Fukagawanoyuki), Jakutyu Ito's "Peacock Phoenix Diagram"(kujakuhouhouzu) are periodically replaced. Please visit us after checking if there are interesting works.

Familiar with Hakone's nature with five senses in a beautiful space with rich natural forest and water scenery including waterfalls and ponds (entrance fee extra 300 yen)

Kaidei Tei
In the Restaurant where the Japanese houses were refurbished in the early Showa era, we offer lunch boxes and specialty bean asian udon noodles at noon, and enjoy drinks as a coffee space in the afternoon.

Footbath cafe
In front of the entrance's large wall paintings, 100% fountain with sourced sauce, spring quality is simple alkaline and perfect for recovery from fatigue after art appreciation.

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