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Welcome to Narukawa Art Museum!
Hakone Narukawa Art Museum Standing on a small hill, our museum
Standing on a small hill, our museum is surrounded by green trees.
In between the appreciation, go out the door of the front of the museum and go out and explore the garden.
You can enjoy the best view of Hakone.
Permanent exhibition (Chinese treasure).
Hakone Narukawa Art Museum mysterious jewel

This museum is a mysterious jewel - jade, ivory with an eternal history, a huge ball, and rare chicken stone. Permanent exhibition of first-class hidden treasures with fine sculptures.
Observation lounge
Hakone Narukawa Art Museum Overlooking the large panorama of Hakone Ashinoko

Overlooking the large panorama of Hakone Ashinoko from the one-sided glass windows that total 50 meters long can be seen. That view is exactly like a picture. You must be surprised at the scenery.
Tea Lounge "Kisetsu-fu"(Seasonal Wind)
Hakone Narukawa Art Museum the tea lounge
At the tea lounge 'Seasonal' where you got a name from the masterpiece of Yamamoto Hill in the collection of this museum, you can see the best view of Hakone
While watching, you can enjoy tea relaxingly with valuable arts and craft items by Ishii Yasuharu and Mikami Ryo.
Light snacks such as hot sandwiches and mixed pizzas are also available.
Also, a live camera is installed next to the tea lounge.

In front of the pirate Moto-Hakone
pier and Moto-Hakone bus stop

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