Kinubiki no sato reward coupon
Kinubiki no sato reward coupon
Please present this screen when ordering dishes. Can not be combined with other discounts or benefits.
The parking lot is located a little above the road of the cedar trees on the back (east side) of the store.
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You can see Lake Ashinoko in front of you.
We are "Kinubiki no sato". The copyright-registered original "Kinubiki udon" uses Hakone 's famous water, boasting homemade udon of fine sesame flavor that is thin like a silk thread.
When you come to Hakone, please enjoy it for your memories of lunch and sightseeing.
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First floor table seat (45 seats)
You can see the beautiful Lake Ashinoko and the seasonal mountain views from the bright and spacious store.
Please relax and enjoy yourself while watching the boat going through the lake.

Kinubiki no sato Second floor

Tatami (80 seats) on the second floor
It is a relaxing space where you can relax and enjoy your meals from families to group customers.
Recommended menu

Kinubiki no sato@Silk ginger udon
Silk ginger udon

Kinubiki no sato ZARU Udon and Tempura
ZARU Udon and Tempura
Near Moto-Hakone pier and
Moto-Hakone bus stop

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