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The Hakone-en-Aquarium consists of three freshwater pavilions, seawater pavilion and seal plaza.
Seawater hall
723 m above sea level. Sea water aquarium in the highest altitude in Japan, where the creatures of the ocean gathered.
In the center is a large open aquarium filled with natural light that gave sea water 7 m high and 1,255 ton. When led by Aye and a shark and get off the slope, sea fish are dancing over the head and penguins are talking to us on the shore.
While watching crabs and a group of tropical fish, I will continue to "Tanshinkan".

Hakone-en-Aquarium Seawater hall

There are also underwater shows by divers.
Hakone-en-Aquarium underwater shows
Tanshinkan Freshwater
Living creatures gathered from rivers and lakes all over the world.
Lots of unique fellows such as fish in Lake Ashi, beautiful fish in colorful, rare fish in the cave, monster fish in the Amazon River basin live in.

Hakone-en-Aquarium Freshwater
Seal Plaza
The delightful seals are waiting. Crickri's eyes on the huge body, cute girls who also swim well are seals that are rare in the world of Russia ยท Baikal Lake, freshwater living baikal seal.
From the viewing deck you can see the seals swimming with Yu Yu solemnly.

Hakone-en-Aquarium Seal Plaza
65 minutes by Izu-Hakone bus from Hakone-yumoto station
You can also come by boat from Moto-Hakone, Hakone-machi, Kojiri.

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