Ssuzuhiro Kamaboko kazamatsuri shop
 Kamaboko goods present for purchases over 1,000 yen
This site cannot discount by showing the screen of your Cell-phone.
You can get discount map at a roadside station or a tourist information center in Hakone or Izu. Or you can print on your paper from this website.
 At Tourism Association. Or major hotels You can get Orange discount coupons with map.

Suzuhiro Kamaboko no Sato is located at the foot of Hakone at the "Kazamatsuri station" where you can enjoy shopping such as kamaboko, dried fish, confectionery and miscellaneous goods, a meal where you can enjoy the sea mountains, a facility where you can experience kamaboko making, etc. Fun filled is.

We also have a lot of tasting, so please examine it and buy it.

Suzuhiro's Kamaboko is "natural material - safe without additives". Full of information on buying, eating, playing!

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