The Hakone Open-Air Museum
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Outdoor sculpture is the greatest attraction of the Sculpture Woods Art Museum.
The sculptures that harmonize with rich nature change into various expressions depending on time, weather, and the season.
On sunny days, you can relax and enjoy the open air.
Let's spend that day that you can taste art while feeling free to explore.

Size is outside the standard because it is outdoor! You can enjoy sculpture while taking a walk.

On the vast site of 70,000 square meters, 120 representative masterpieces representing modern and modern times are displayed.
The height and weight feeling unique to outdoor sculpture approaches us. Some sculptures do not have fences in some parts. <BR> Please come closer and more and enjoy the sensibility of the writer soon.

Flowers, trees, sun ... All of nature color sculptures.

The trees and flowers on the site add color to sculptures throughout the year, along with the nature of the mountains.Please enjoy that expression to my heart 's content.And please cut out your frame from various angles.
Works that children can play are popular

You can experience the work with your whole body while entering or climbing into the work such as "Woods of Net" or "Pocket."

  Picasso Pavilion that publishes diverse collections sequentially

Picasso's eldest daughter Maya Picasso purchases 188 ceramic artworks, with over 300 extensive collections including oils, prints and sculptures in order.

If you get tired of walking, relax with a hot spring for foot

If you are tired of walking in a large hall, take a break with hot-spring for foot that take advantage of the source that springs from the premises.
You can appreciate outdoor sculpture while immersing in foot bath.

A lot of sculptures talk to us

Surrounded by attractive sculptures, it makes me feel like I got lost in the sculpture world.

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