Hakone Lalique Museum
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箱根ラリック美術館 ルネ・ラリック

René Lalique, a jewelry and glass craft artist who rushed through the era of Art Nouveau and Art Deco. "Hakone Lalique Art Museum" that spells his life is a place where nature and art can resonate echoingly. The flower that Larric loved and the garden that changes its expression every season. Please enjoy the exquisite holiday while receiving a breeze flowing from Ogawa.

箱根ラリック美術館 館内風景

Jewelry that combines boldness and delicacy, glass works of countless genres.
And the interior decoration left in history and the interior decoration of the Orient Express.
We will introduce about 230 points selected from the collection of 1500 points.
We are changing the exhibition at any time.

Beyond the large glass window in the bright store,
An open terrace where you can dine while watching the courtyard.
From any seat you can see the view of Sengokuhara,
You can feel the beauty of the four seasons of the plateau directly.
With a total space of 200 seats,
Please have a good stay.
箱根ラリック美術館 オリエントエクスプレス

A flickering soft light and a fantastic Lalique decoration. With this vehicle alone, more than 150 glass panels are pasted in the room. We skillfully hide the light of day and night, such as natural light from a car window and an indoor lamp, giving infinite spread to the space. Lalique produced the interior decoration of this train when it was 68 years old in 1928. Lalique was challenging space decoration using glass at that time.

箱根ラリック美術館 ミュージアムショップ

The spacious interior filled with openness is divided into four areas: "patio", "sun terrace", "kitchen", "loft". From kitchen accessories of mugs and cutlery to fashion accessories such as accessories and bags, stationery for healing bus goods and scented accessories convenient, we welcome you with items that will produce various scenes of living wonderfully.


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