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It is an art museum of garden with moss and maple exhibited mainly with pottery.
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Hakone Museum of art Mossy garden
Mossy garden
It is also known as a photography spot, especially the autumn leaves season is crowded with a large number of tourists every year.

Hakone Museum of art Hagi no Michi(Road of Japanese Bush clover)
Hagi no Michi(Road of Japanese Bush clover)
In mid September, Miyagi 's hagi will bloom from both sides of the street.

Hakone Museum of art Bamboo garden
Bamboo garden
Chinese-style garden harmonized with the main building's appearance.

Hakone Museum of art Stone paradise
Stone paradise
You can see the Hakone mountain range centered on Meisei dake in the garden with the stone framework and the mountain stream by big rocks as the center.
It is open to the public only on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays and November.

Hakone Museum of art Teahouse · Shinwatei
Teahouse · Shinwatei
You can enjoy a cup of tea while watching the changing moth garden every season.
Hakone Yumoto Station → (Hakone Tozan Railway) → Gora station → (cable car) → Getoff at Koen-kami station.

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