Sotomo Cruise

It is a 50-minute cruise that you can see the dynamic scenery created by the Japanese Sea Abyss

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The Sotomo Cruise is a 50-minute cruise that offers a dynamic view of the rough seas of the Sea of Japan.
“Sotomo Cruise”遊船約50分鐘巡航,觀賞日本海波濤洶湧的海面所形成的動態風景。

This trip that starts from here is a trip that enjoys the 6km-long cliff beauty and the historical romance that strange rocks and caves weave. Please enjoy the delicacy of the cruising as well as the art of the sea created by the rushing waves.
從這裡開始的這次旅行是一次享受6公里長的懸崖美景和奇怪的岩石和洞穴編織的歷史浪漫之旅。 請享受巡航的精緻以及沖浪造成的海洋藝術。

If you print this discount map and bring it, the fee of 2,000 yen will be 1,800 yen.
The boarding procedure is performed at "Wakasa Fisherman's Wharf".
登機程序在“Wakasa Fisherman's Wharf”進行。

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