Echizen Glasses Shop

A frame of excellent design of Fukui and Sabae, also for golf, for makeup, for driving, for smartphones, etc. There are also plenty of special glasses

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This facility can not offer discounts by showing the screen. You must print or get an orange discount map. You can get roadside station or tourist information or major hotels.
此工具無法通過顯示屏幕提供折扣。您必須打印或獲得橙色折扣地圖。 您可以獲得路邊車站或旅遊信息或主要酒店。

The location is 6 km from Takefu IC towards Shiga. Go straight at the intersection of Tsukahara 300 m. It is an 8-minute drive from Takefu IC.
距離武富IC有6公里。 直行在Tsukahara 300米的交叉口。 距離武富IC有8分鐘車程

工場見学 目の前でめがねを作っているところが見学できます。
Factory tour   You can see where you are making glasses in front of you.
工廠參觀      你可以看到你在哪裡製作眼鏡。

Glasses are bent and polished and made.

工場直送の自社ブランドメガネをはじめ、国内外のブランド品、老眼鏡、 サングラスなど、プロの目で厳選されたアイテムを豊富にご用意。 メガネの産地、またメーカー直売であることを活かした高品質・ リーズナブルプライスにてみなさまにご提供させていただいております。
Of course you can also shop. Branded glasses directly from the factory, including domestic and foreign brand products, reading glasses,  We have a large selection of items carefully selected with professional eyes, such as sunglasses.  High quality · taking advantage of being a maker's direct sales We offer it to you at a reasonable price.
當然你也可以購物。 品牌眼鏡直接來自工廠,包括國內外品牌產品,老花鏡,我們有專門的眼睛精心挑選的物品,如太陽鏡。高品質·利用製造商的直接銷售 我們以合理的價格為您提供。

Print this discount map and have it become 10% OFF by purchasing a set of glasses.

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