Echizen Soba no sato noodles

We sell the soba made with our own culture, flour and soup.
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栽培、製粉、製麺、つゆ作り、すべてを自らの手で行う。 美味しさを追求した㈱武生製麺の越前そば。そばの味はまず原料で決まると言っても過言ではありません。 越前と北海道の自社直営農場で栽培。 越前そば」は私たち武生製麺のオリジナルブランドです。
Cultivation, flour milling, making noodles, making soup, all in-house. Takefu buckwheat noodles Co., Ltd. in pursuit of deliciousness. The taste of buckwheat is first determined by the ingredients. Cultivated at company-owned farms in Echizen and Hokkaido. "Echizen soba" is an original brand of Takeo Noodles.
種植,麵粉碾,製作麵條,製作湯,均在內部。 來自武生 Co.,Ltd。的越前蕎麥麵,追求美味。 蕎麥的味道首先由成分決定。 在越前和北海道的公司農場種植。 “越前蕎麥麵”是武生 Noodles的原創品牌。

The soba making experience at the head office attached You can make soba making experience in the dream studio.

Please make a reservation in advance by phone as it is convenient for preparation. (Possible on the day)
  Soba making experience Dojo telephone: 0778-21-0272
請提前通過電話預約,方便準備。 (可能在當天)  蕎麥麵製作經驗道場電話:0778-21-0272

You will need to make soba for about 2 servings. It will be 90 minutes (including meal time).
您將需要製作大約2份蕎麥麵。 這將是90分鐘(包括用餐時間)。



● You can use soba noodles either with or without meals. The basics are cooked and served. If you want to take home please tell the staff.
● The staff will carefully give guidance. Even if you are the first person, you can hit delicious soba.
note! At the time of an event etc., it may be considered as take-out only. In addition, we may divide soba making time with morning part, afternoon part. Please acknowledge.
Soba making experience Dojo telephone: 0778-21-0272
●您可以在有或沒有用餐的情況下使用蕎麥麵。 烹飪和服務的基礎知識。 如果您想帶回家請告訴工作人員。
●工作人員將認真指導。 即使你是第一個人,你也可以吃到美味的蕎麥麵。 注意! 在活動等時,可以僅將其視為外賣。 另外,也可以用早晨部分,下午部分分割蕎麥麵製作時間。 請確認。

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